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​We are passionate about POOP!

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We know that sounds funny, but sometime the truth is funny. If you want to be the authority when it comes to dog poop, you better be passionate about it.

PET WASTE STATIONS: In May of last year, we set out to design a line of pet waste stations that were superior to every other station on the market. The goal was simple: to make the BEST PET WASTE STATION.

Our customers and technicians helped us to understand the many issues that plagued the durability and usability of pet waste stations on the market. We took this information and set out to design the most user friendly and durable pet waste station!

From this hard work emerged the DoodyCalls line of pet waste stations.

Our stations are DIFFERENT!

The aluminum we use for our dispensers is extra STRONG and we manufacture the pet waste stations in the U.S.A. We also use carriage bolts to secure the pet waste station can to the post. Carriage bolts are smooth and less likely to tear the bag when emptying a full pet waste station (that's really gross!) than the hex bolts that other companies use. Next, we sloped the roof of the dispenser to prevent water from ponding on top of it. After that, we turned our attention to the most common thing to break on a pet waste station, the hinge for the waste receptacle lid, and made it 50% larger. We can keep listing changes (the list is long), but the result was simply the best pet waste station on the market.

PET WASTE BAGS: We didn’t stop with the stations though, we also sought to create the best pet waste bag on the market. It is easy to market a cheap pet waste bag. The feedback we received from many property managers is that the real cost of cheap bags is the time it takes to appease upset end users when the bag tears. You are probably asking yourself how can you make a plastic pet waste bag better? The answer is complicated, but we refused to stop working until we could say we had made the best pet waste bag.

We started by engaging a plastics engineer to help us identify the sweet spot for the thickness and elasticity of our bags to prevent tears for the end user. We tried many different combinations of high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene until it passed our puncture tests. We think it is better for us to deal with the consequences of a failed pet waste bag than you.

So how much does the best pet waste bag on the market cost? It costs the same or less than many bags on the market. Please take a minute to check out the new and improved DoodyCalls pet waste bags.

Rest assured that every day we work hard to make sure that you have the best pet waste products available to you at the best prices. Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place for people and pets.

Feel free to call us at (800) 366-3922 with any questions.

Roll Bags or Header Bags? That is the question.

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Just imagine how cool you’ll look as you walk your dog carrying one of our dog waste bag. This isn’t your grandma’s grocery bag! This is a sleek little black opaque bag that goes well with everything and is specifically made to pick up after your dog. Grocery bags are cumbersome and frequently have holes making them unsanitary to pick up pet waste. They are also hard to tie once you do manage to pick up the waste. Our pet waste bags are specifically designed to make cleaning up after your dog a breeze and come in header style or roll style. So recycle those unsanitary, outdated Granny grocery bags and give our pet waste bags a try!

Roll Bags or Header Bags? That is the question.

DoodyCalls is concerned about keeping our environment clean by keeping pet waste off the ground and providing communities and pet owners with an easy way to pick up after their dogs.

We offer affordable pet waste bags to clean up after your pet.

We offer two different types of pet waste bags for your pet waste stations. The first is a header bag style. Header bags have a strap attached to make it very easy to take only one bag at a time. This eliminates waste and over usage by residents who may accidentally pull off too many bags at once. The second option we offer is a roll bag style. These bags have tear off perforations between each bag.

Don’t forget about our durable and affordable pet waste station can liner.

*We do not make any claims regarding our bags in terms of "biodegradable" or "degradable" or "compostable" or in any way imply that the bags will break down in a landfill to any customer.

Flushable Pet Waste Bags

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Did you know you can buy pet waste bags meant to flush down the toilet?

Flush Puppies claims their pet waste bags can safely be flushed down the toilet!

To learn more about the exactly how Flush Puppies work and read commonly asked questions visit their FAQ.

It's difficult and problematic to flush pet waste bags down the toilet for stations in public parks, however, it's an interesting solution if you are taking a walk near your home and bringing your own bags with you.

Flush Puppies does not have an online store but you can buy them online at

While not designed to be flushed down the toilet, DoodyCalls pet waste station bags provide an extremely cost effective solution for communities that want to provide their residents with a convenient way to pick up after their pets.

How to choose the right Pet Waste Stations and Bags for your community

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Having trouble choosing the pet waste station that's right for you? We're here to help! We wrote our comprehensive pet waste management product guides to help you make educated decisions about which pet waste stations and bags are right for you.

Aluminum, steel, powder coating, paint, square post or U-Channel...?

Learn about how the various components of a pet waste station, construction, and materials all work together to impact the durability and usability of your pet waste station.

Read our guide Choosing The Right Pet Waste Stations to learn more!

Roll, Header, HDPE, LDPE, Perforation or Header...?

Not all pet waste bags are created equal! Learn about the differences between the purpose, construction, and composition of different types of pet waste bags.

Read our guide Choosing The Right Pet Waste Bags to learn more!

Master Chief, Commander, and Admiral...what's the difference...?

We created different pet waste stations to fit different purposes and budgets.

Read our guide DoodyCalls Pet Waste Stations Explained to learn more!

For Rats and Rodents, Pet Waste Is The Breakfast of Champions

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Pet waste may be a gross and unsightly mess nobody enjoys picking up, but that’s not all. In developed areas, doggie deposits left on the ground can also serve as a steady, abundant food source for rats and other rodents. That's right, rats eat dog poop!

An unwanted neighbor in any community, the presence of rodents can decrease the property values of all nearby homes and presents a host of additional health concerns to residents and their pets. Rats, for instance, as well as their urine or feces, have been linked to a number of diseases that can easily be passed to humans, including leptospirosis, typhus, rat-bite fever and salmonellosis. To keep disease at bay, encourage your community member to use those pet waste stations you've set up for their convenience to pick up a bag and scoop that poop!

Tired of picking up the poop? We can help!

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With nearly 15 years of experience curbing community pet waste, DoodyCalls helps property managers, HOA's and residents to keep common areas clean and safe for residents and their pets to enjoy. DoodyCalls is the nation’s trusted leader in pet waste management for homeowners and their communities. Find out if there's a DoodyCalls service location near you.

Our team specializes in the following services and more!

  • Pet Waste Station Service
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Pet Waste Stations Maintenance and Repairs
  • Community Pet Waste Education

Schedule your Pet Waste Bag Orders to Automatically Ship

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You can now schedule your pet waste bag orders to automatically ship out at the frequency that's right for you. Pay with credit card or by invoicing- we have a solution for both!

How it Works

1. Add the pet waste bags to your cart. Use our helpful pet waste bag usage calculator to figure out exactly how many cases you'll need.

2. If paying using invoicing, there's no need to select an auto-ship frequency when placing your order. We ask that you instead add this to the comment field when checking out (see Step 4). Should there be any confusion, please don't hesitate to call us at 1.800.366.3922.

How to Properly Dispose of Pet Waste

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Pet waste management is an important tenet of responsible dog ownership. The first step is picking up what your pet leaves behind. The second is making sure it is disposed of properly. Avoid harmful dog poop piles by making pet waste stations and pet waste bags readily available.

A common misconception surrounding pet waste disposal is that Fido or Fluffy’s waste serves as a natural fertilizer and can simply be collected into the garden or flower bed. Dog owners take note: This is not true. In fact, leaving pet waste on the ground or concentrating it in one specific area of the yard can seriously harm soil quality and can be dangerous for both families and their pets.

The idea that pet waste makes for a plentiful and affordable fertilizer stems from the use of cow or horse waste as a soil enhancer. But not all waste is made equal and whether a specific animal’s waste is beneficial to the ground it lays on depends primarily upon the animal’s diet. As a rule of thumb, in order for waste to be used as an effective fertilizer, it must consist mainly of digested plant matter.

Beautification of Pet Waste Station Areas: A Simple Way to Increase Usage

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When it comes to keeping wayward pet waste from littering the grounds of your community, pet waste stations are an effective tool appreciated by the entire community. Consisting of a bag dispenser and a waste receptacle attached to a post, pet waste stations work because they make it easy for dog owners to do the right thing and pick up after their pet.

While pet waste stations go a long ways towards curbing community pet waste issues, there will still be some residents who fail to pick up after their dog. In these cases, a little encouragement can make a big difference. One simple method for increasing station usage is beautification of the pet waste station areas.

This Dog Just Learned a Few New Tricks

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With the launch of our revamped DoodyCalls Direct site, we are excited to announce new features. In the coming weeks, keep an eye on your email inbox as well as this blog post, to learn more about exactly how to use these features so that they can save you time and money. As always, don't hesitate to call us with any questions!

Recurring Orders: You can now choose to have each item in your cart automatically reorder on YOUR schedule. Throw out that calendar, we’ve got your back.

Providing Service to Your Pet Waste Stations

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How to Properly Provide Service to and Maintain Your Pet Waste Stations

Congratulations! You have purchased and installed several DoodyCalls pet waste stations in your community. The stations have been well received and are being used by residents regularly. You are noticing less dog waste around community paths and in common areas! Your community is well on its way to having a successful plan to manage pet waste.

A key factor in ensuring that your pet waste management plan continues to be successful is to create a regular service schedule for emptying, restocking and maintaining your pet waste stations.

Picking the Right Pet Waste Station

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You might be surprised to learn just how many different options you have when choosing a pet waste station for your community. After all, it’s just dog poop, right? Not so fast.

In this article we will explain the differences between different pet waste station products to help you make an informed buying decision that will fit your community’s needs and budget.

To start, pet waste stations have four main components:

Waste Receptacle : Where the waste goes. This part of the dog waste station holds a large plastic liner and the disposed of dog waste.

Post: The backbone of a pet waste station. All parts are secured to the post.

Pet Waste Harms Communities

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The Hazards of Pet Waste

It is a commonly held belief that pet waste left on the ground will simply enrich the soil as a good fertilizer does. Unfortunately, this could not be farther from the truth. Pet waste does not make good fertilizer and should never be used as fertilizer. In fact, pet waste can be hazardous to your health! Pet waste that is left on the ground is not only a health hazard, but it also damages our environment. This is why having a plan to manage pet waste in your community is so important.

The purpose of this article is to outline the importance of keeping pet waste off of the ground in community common areas. Not only is accumulated dog waste unsightly and smelly, but it also poses serious health and environmental concerns. By educating community residents on the importance of picking up after their pet they will be more inclined to do the right thing and pick up the poop!

Managing Pet Waste in Your Community

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Is Dog Doody Bringing Your Community Down?

The DoodyCalls Guide to Successfully Managing Pet Waste in Your Community.

With pet ownership on the rise, more and more communities, Home Owner Associations (HOAs), and apartment complexes are looking for affordable and practical solutions to effectively manage pet waste in their communities. In fact, any community that allows pets should have a pet waste management plan in place to support best practices for waste removal and keep pet waste under control.

Pet waste is unsightly and can decrease property values by making the community look unkempt and the grounds poorly maintained. Pet waste is also environmental pollutant that can easily create human health concerns if left unattended. Bacteria, worms and other parasites thrive in the waste until it is washed away into the water supply. Ringworm, roundworm, salmonella and giardia are examples of such bacteria, all of which are found in pet waste and are easily transferable to humans and other pets upon contact. And if that is not enough – pet waste is also the number one food source for rats – yuck!

Community Dog Park Planning

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With pet ownership on the rise, having a safe and clean area within communities to let dogs off the leash to play is in high demand. The increase in dog ownership means that more and more apartments, condos, and communities are not only allowing dogs, but are also seeking to attract pet owners to their establishments with pet friendly amenities. Dog parks are a pet friendly feature that many communities would like to add. Dog parks are not only nice features to have in a community for pet owners, but can also help limit dog waste problems in the community. When a dog park is properly planned it can actually help limit dog waste problems by providing a specific area for pets to socialize and play.

If you are considering planning or building a dog park in your community, here are some tips to keep in mind so you can plan it right!