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November 2016

For Rats and Rodents, Pet Waste Is The Breakfast of Champions

By DoodyCalls Direct 3 years ago 331 Views No comments

Pet waste may be a gross and unsightly mess nobody enjoys picking up, but that’s not all. In developed areas, doggie deposits left on the ground can also serve as a steady, abundant food source for rats and other rodents. That's right, rats eat dog poop!

An unwanted neighbor in any community, the presence of rodents can decrease the property values of all nearby homes and presents a host of additional health concerns to residents and their pets. Rats, for instance, as well as their urine or feces, have been linked to a number of diseases that can easily be passed to humans, including leptospirosis, typhus, rat-bite fever and salmonellosis. To keep disease at bay, encourage your community member to use those pet waste stations you've set up for their convenience to pick up a bag and scoop that poop!