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Roll Bags or Header Bags? That is the question.

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Just imagine how cool you’ll look as you walk your dog carrying one of our dog waste bag. This isn’t your grandma’s grocery bag! This is a sleek little black opaque bag that goes well with everything and is specifically made to pick up after your dog. Grocery bags are cumbersome and frequently have holes making them unsanitary to pick up pet waste. They are also hard to tie once you do manage to pick up the waste. Our pet waste bags are specifically designed to make cleaning up after your dog a breeze and come in header style or roll style. So recycle those unsanitary, outdated Granny grocery bags and give our pet waste bags a try!

Roll Bags or Header Bags? That is the question.

DoodyCalls is concerned about keeping our environment clean by keeping pet waste off the ground and providing communities and pet owners with an easy way to pick up after their dogs.

We offer affordable pet waste bags to clean up after your pet.

We offer two different types of pet waste bags for your pet waste stations. The first is a header bag style. Header bags have a strap attached to make it very easy to take only one bag at a time. This eliminates waste and over usage by residents who may accidentally pull off too many bags at once. The second option we offer is a roll bag style. These bags have tear off perforations between each bag.

Don’t forget about our durable and affordable pet waste station can liner.

*We do not make any claims regarding our bags in terms of "biodegradable" or "degradable" or "compostable" or in any way imply that the bags will break down in a landfill to any customer.