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How to choose the right Pet Waste Stations and Bags for your community

By Jacob DAniello 2 years ago 273 Views No comments

Having trouble choosing the pet waste station that's right for you? We're here to help! We wrote our comprehensive pet waste management product guides to help you make educated decisions about which pet waste stations and bags are right for you.

Aluminum, steel, powder coating, paint, square post or U-Channel...?

Learn about how the various components of a pet waste station, construction, and materials all work together to impact the durability and usability of your pet waste station.

Read our guide Choosing The Right Pet Waste Stations to learn more!

Roll, Header, HDPE, LDPE, Perforation or Header...?

Not all pet waste bags are created equal! Learn about the differences between the purpose, construction, and composition of different types of pet waste bags.

Read our guide Choosing The Right Pet Waste Bags to learn more!

Master Chief, Commander, and Admiral...what's the difference...?

We created different pet waste stations to fit different purposes and budgets.

Read our guide DoodyCalls Pet Waste Stations Explained to learn more!