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About Us

Guess what? Your world just got a whole lot cleaner!!!
At DoodyCalls our goal is to rid the world of dog poop one scoop at a time. We are not just a pet waste removal service, we are pet waste management specialists. We work closely with homeowners and communities to make sure your outdoor environment stays pet waste free, and looking its best year-round.
We believe in improving the quality of your outdoor living environment by fostering responsible pet ownership and keeping the environment safer and cleaner for everyone.
From pet waste removal products and supplies to keeping yards and communities pet waste free, we do it all! Doody is our duty and we take our job seriously.
DoodyCalls was founded in 2000 and has since spread across the nation to offer service in over 20 states! We have been recognized as the industry leaders in over 100 publications including Forbes, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AOL, and many more!
Our pet waste removal products and supplies have been professionally tested by DoodyCalls pet waste removal specialists in multiple states. Because of this, we firmly stand behind all the products we sell as being the very best in the industry.
Relax. With DoodyCalls, you can wash your hands of the whole clean-up business. Let the professionals take care of your yard, community, or pet waste management product needs.
We look forward to helping you eliminate pet waste problems on your property.
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